I’m starting off as a cliché queen, but podcasts saved my life. Or at least saved me from completely losing my mind – I recently quit my boring full-time job, and listening to other people talk about their lives was my favourite pastime activity.

In the moments of continuous doubt these interviews were a nice reminder that we all struggle and that failures, doubts and mistakes are all unwanted, but necessary part of the process. There are some people that are (or seem to be) immune to failure, but I don’t relate to them. Instead, I bond with people who accept their own vulnerability, show resilience and continue despite everything is blowing up in their faces.

One of my personal heroines is Tina Essmaker. She is a co-founder and former editor-in-chief of The Great Discontent and a NYC-based coach, who has just shared her story on Overshare podcast. Go and give it a listen, even if you have never failed a thing in your life. And then listen to all the other episodes from the series hosted by Justin Gignac from Working Not Working, because they are just great.